Utility Powertech Ltd.

Joint venture company formed by semi government owned NTPC and private enterprise Reliance Energy Limited, Utility Powertech Ltd. plays a significant role in Indian power and infrastructural sector. The company offers a variety of services, ranging from construction of power plants to operation, maintenance of power projects and other related activities. It also concentrates on distribution and transmission of electricity and generation of power from non-conventional energy sources.

Joining Hands For Power

Utility Powertech Ltd. (UPL) is a joint venture company that was formed by National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. or NTPC, which is a semi-government enterprise and Reliance Energy Limited or REL which is a private company owned and run by the Reliance Group.

Formed in 1995, the main functions of Utility Powertech Ltd. comprise construction, operation and maintenance of power projects. The company, which merges the features of public and private sector, also provides consulting services and value added services.

UPL plays a significant role in the power and energy sector of India. It provides a variety of services and also concentrates on the generation of non-conventional sources of energy. Reliance Power is a power organization which undertakes the planning and execution of power projects in India as well as abroad and also provides consumer services. A REL undertaking, UPL too has made a place for itself in the power sector of India.

UPL Services

The services of Utility Powertech Ltd. are wide ranging and include facilitating projects related to power and infrastructure. The primary function of UPL includes construction and management of power projects. Besides, it also concentrates on other services related to power projects like O & M or operation and maintenance and R & M or renovation and modernization. It also contributes in the distribution sector by installing transmission and distribution lines. UPL services are as follows:

  • Construction of power stations and other thermal and hydro power projects, High Voltage Distribution System for Distribution Network, rural electrification, electrical transmission and distribution lines and switchyards.
  • Operational activities
  • Maintenance of the power stations and equipments
  • Purchase of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation packages
  • Overhauling and restoration of mechanical and electrical equipments used in the power stations
  • Generation of Non-Conventional energy sources like wind power, hydel power, solar power, bio diesel production and other related services
  • Development of Micro-Hydel projects
  • Services pertaining to Distribution System like survey, engineering, design, installation and maintenance and also construction and installation of transformers and sub-stations
  • Renovation and modernization services like Vibration and Diagnostic & Analysis, Residual Life Assessment Studies, Life Extension Studies etc.

    Since its formation, UPL has been developing steadily and doing good business. The efforts of Utility Powertech Ltd. yielded huge turnovers. The turnover in the years 2003-2004 was Rs. 8595.14 Lakhs. In 2004-2006 it was Rs. 11091.99 Lakhs and in 2005-2006 it was Rs. 14135.64 Lakhs. The profits in the same years were Rs. 550.23 Lakhs, Rs. 904.16 Lakhs and Rs. 1024.42 Lakhs respectively. Thus, it can be noticed that the revenue of UPL kept rising and today, it is one of the major players in the power sector.

    Reliance Power, along with NTPC, has created a strong platform for the development of UPL as a company for providing solutions in the power sector. With an objective towards providing total customer satisfaction and quality service, UPL offers services for the growth and development of the power and infrastructural sector in India.

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