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Thavil is a traditional musical instrument of the ancient city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. An integral part of the Carnatic music in Thanjavur, Thavil is a form of a drum which is played on special festive occasions of the region.

The musical instrument of Thavil is made up of hollow wood, animal skin and steel. The rhythmic sound of Thavil is produced by striking the skin of the heavy drum with a short stick. The indigenous percussion instrument of Thavil is generally 47 cm in length. The diameter of both the sides of the musical instrument measures about 30 cm.

Thavil is played by the artists with great enthusiasm and fervor. Any religious, social and cultural event of Thanjavur is incomplete without the accompaniment of the traditional musical instrument of Thavil. The ancient city of Thanjavur has several music schools that impart training on playing the musical instrument of Thavil.

The loud beats of Thavil relieve the audience from the stress and strains of daily mundane life and rejuvenates them with renewed energy and vigor. The trained musicians of the rich Carnatic music sing in tune with the beats of Thavil.

The animal skins are tightly fitted on either sides of the huge drum. The musical instrument of Thavil produces a brilliant sound effect. The artists strike on the either side of the huge drum with short sticks that are made up of wood. Thavil are very common in the cultural, social and religious events of the ancient city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.

Last Updated on 06 December 2011