Maharaja's Technological Institute, Thrissur

Maharaja's Technological Institute, Thrissur is one of the significant institutes of education that are situated in the district. This institute is well known in the region as it is the oldest institute that offers educational courses in the subject of Polytecnic.

The Maharaja's Technological Institute at Thrissur was established to train the technicians of war during World War II. In the year 1946, this institute was named the Maharaja's Technological Institute. This college is currently under the control of the Directorate of Technical Education under the state government of Kerala.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Maharaja's Technological Institute of Thrissur is its prime location. It is located at the central region of Thrissur and hence people from different parts of the region can easily travel to this college.

The Maharaja's Technological Institute in Thrissur provides educational courses in a variety of subjects like Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. All these various engineering departments of the college offer almost all the facilities that are expected in a good college.

This polytecnic institute of Thrissur is well equipped with educational audio-visual equipments, hostel facilities and a mechanical workshop. Since the college accommodates male students, many young students from the rural areas enroll for the different polytecnic courses at this college.

The Maharaja's Technological Institute, Thrissur was established for the general advancement of the rural population of the region. There are a couple of villages near this institute, which are immensely benefited by the establishment of this college.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013



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