Thrissur Education

Thrissur education is one of the most important segments of the socio-cultural life of this part of the state of Kerala. Thrissur is a part of Kerala, which is well known throughout the entire country of India for its immense advancement in the field of mass education.

Being a part of a state that has achieved almost 100% literacy rate, Thrissur offers good opportunities for education at all levels including school, college and university.

One of the important facts about the educational sector of Thrissur is that it is capable of reaching out to the people from different walks of life. Thrissur education is not limited to the privileged class of the society.

It provides ample opportunities for financial and intellectual development to the people of the young generation of the region.

One of the most important Thrissur educational institutes that give the educational facilities to the young people of the rural regions of the district is the Maharaja's Technological Institute. It provides polytecnic educational courses ina variety of streams and has the facility of accommodating the students coming from the rural regions.

Another important aspect of Thrissur educational sector is that it offers a wide range of choice in terms of courses as well as type of educational institute.

The district also has a variety of schools like girls' schools, co-educational schools and residential schools. The place houses a number of colleges like Sri Kerala Varma College, Maharaja's Technological Institute, St Thomas College, Vimala College and Government Medical College.

All these colleges have a variety of professional courses and general stream courses from arts, commerce and science. The region ha sa university called the Kerala Agricultural University.

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Last Updated on 03/06/2013