Top Ten Cities/Towns of India

India is an emerging economic powerhouse. India's economic success story began in the 1990's with the liberalization of its economy. From being referred to as a land of snake charmers, elephants and maharajas, India is now being looked up as one of the major world powers.

The boom in the Indian economy has led to the rise of a new affluent middle and upper-middle class who have a large spending power. India is a home to rising number of billionaires and many of them have made it to the Forbes World Top 250 billionaire list. There has been an increase in the numbers of cars on the road and the reach of telephones. People are lapping up FMCG products like never before.

There are some cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore in Karnataka, Pune in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Telangana, Kolkata in West Bengal and others which have grown at a tremendous pace. The accommodation, food, and overall lifestyle is bit expensive than compared to other cities. But other facilities like internet, Wi-FI are easily available here. Some of these major cities of India have also witnessed a phenomenal increase in the per capita incomes of people. Get to know everything about all the top ten cities of India categorized on the basis of wealth, per capita income, awareness, rate of consumer demands, family income etc. So if you are searching for any information on the top ten cities/towns of India, look no further.

Last Updated on : January 17, 2015

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