Top Ten States of India with Highest GDP Shares

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Map of Top Ten States of India with Highest GDP Shares

Map of India with Highest GDP Shares
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*The Map showing Top 10 States which have the highest GDP shares in India.


Year-wise List of Top Ten States with GDP Shares (in Rs Crore)
Uttar Pradesh1,75,1591,90,2692,26,9722,91,9363,79,9175,19,8995,95,055
Andhra Pradesh 1,28,7971,56,7111,90,0172,55,9413,64,8134,75,2675,88,963
Tamil Nadu1,34,1851,48,8611,75,3712,57,7303,50,7854,64,0095,47,267
Gujarat 1,09,8611,23,5731,68,0802,44,7363,29,2854,29,3565,13,173
West Bengal 1,35,3761,57,1441,89,2592,30,6392,98,5664,00,5614,73,890
Karnataka 1,01,2471,12,8471,30,9901,95,7502,70,8433,35,7474,05,123
Delhi 5522065027794681,15,3741,57,9472,17,8512,64,496

Last Updated on : 09/07/2013




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