Civil lines Map

Civil Lines is one of the most popular regions of Agra. The presence of all facilities within the region turned it into a prosperous place. The region encompasses a large area within which lies other regions. Situated 5 km to the north of Agra city, Civil Lines is the commercial hub of Agra.

Civil Lines encompasses within it several colonies and localities. Some of these are Ramnagar Colony, Vijayanagar Colony, Karbala, Suryanagar, Lajapat Kunj, Wazirpura and Nehru Nagar. The railway station of Raja Ki Mandi is also located within the region of Civil Lines. It is connected to the center of the city by the National Highway No 2. Mathura Road and Raja Balwant Singh Road also encircles the region and provides easy accessibility to the rest of the city. The Agra Airport is located at a distance of 9 kms from Civil Lines.

Other than the markets that are in abundance in this region, the place is also equipped with various hotels, restaurants and movie auditoriums. Civil Lines is also known for the training and professional institutes that lie in the region. The Income Tax Office is situated in this part of Agra. The most important educational institute in this region is the Agra University. The City Civil Court also lies within the region. The various places that tourists may visit while residing in Civil Lines are the St. Peters Church and The Spiritual Museum.

Shopping complex found in this region is:

Gandhi Ashram Khadi Bhavan
Agra # 2273281.

Various hotels are there in Civil Lines for the tourists to reside. The two renowned places are Ashoka Hotel and the bungalow provided by the State Tourist Development Corporation of Uttar pradesh. The Civil Lines region is commercially one of the most developed centers of Agra city.

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