Agra Weather

Agra Weather is sub tropical due to its position (27.18 N 78.02 E) on the earth's surface. Agra is situated at an elevation of 561 feet from sea level.

Agra weather is extremely hot during the summers and pleasantly cool during the winter time. Fog occurs during the winter months. During the monsoon season, Agra city receives heavy rainfall and the weather becomes humid.

For the traveler, Agra weather hovers between extremes-daytime temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees centigrade in the shade during the summer season, while in winters the temperature can plummet to a chilly 4 degrees centigrade. It is recommended that the traveler should avoid the blazing summer (April to June) and the rainy,wet season (July to September).

Agra weather is similar to the weather in the entire state of Uttar pradesh and is warmest during the month of July (average temperature: 38 degrees centigrade) and coolest during the month of December (average temperature: 6 degrees centigrade). The wettest month of the year is May.

Rainfall is evenly distributed in Agra city throughout the year.

For the tourist the following simple precautions will help him to enjoy his stay in Agra.

  • For Agra weather in the winter months, pack light woolens and a wind cheater or two.

  • For Agra weather in the summer months, the following precautions are to be taken: 1. Try and plan your Agra travel in such a way that allows you to stay out of the heat. 2.Avoid venturing out in the hottest part of the day (11am to 3pm) 3. Wear light and loose fitting clothes-preferably cotton. This will protect you and your travel mates from heat related illnesses.

Last Updated on : December 21, 2013