Aluminium Industry in India

India is a big aluminum producer in the world. It also houses a number of aluminum plants which includes aluminum smelting plants, aluminum extrusion plants, alumina refineries, FRP plants, wire rod plants, and aluminum foil plants. India holds the rank of the eighth biggest primary aluminum producer in the world.

Following Australia, Guinea, Brazil, and Jamaica, India ranks as the fifth biggest alumina producer in the world. The aluminum production of the country represents approximately 5% of the overall amount of aluminum produced in the world. The country is also a big storehouse of bauxite reserves and the bauxite reserves of the country are projected to remain for more than 350 years. The top players in Indian aluminum industry are the following:

  • National Aluminum Company (NALCO)
  • Hindustan Aluminum Company (HINDALCO)
  • Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO)
  • MALCO (Madras Aluminum Company Limited)

Aluminum Plants in India

Aluminum smelting plants

Given below is a list of Aluminum smelters in India:

Location Name of Company Ownership Plant Capacity
Per year (KT/year)
Korba Bharat Aluminum Co (Balco) Vedanta 51%, Government of India 49% 345
Alupuram Hindustan Aluminum Co. (Hindalco)   14
Renukoot Hindustan Aluminum Co. (Hindalco)   345
Mettur Madras Aluminum (MALCO)   40
Hirakud Hindustan Aluminum Co. (Hindalco)   150
Angul National Aluminum Co. (NALCO)   460
Jharsuguda Vedanta Aluminum Co. (VAL) Aluminum Bangalore Al-Bal 51%, Anil Agarwal 0.005%, Unidentified Sources 48.995% 500

Alumina refineries in India

Alumina or Aluminum Oxide is a type of amphoteric oxide of the metal, which is made from bauxite via the Bayer method. Given below are the names of the important alumina refineries in India:

Location Name of Company Ownership Plant Capacity Per year (KT/year)
Damanjodi, Orissa United Nations 2000, NALCO 1,600
Belgaum, Karnataka INDAL, Hindalco, (United Nations 2000) 390
Korba Alumina, Chhattisgarh Sterlite Industries, BALCO, (United Nations 2000) 205
Gujarat Alumina Project    
Vedanta Alumina, Lanjigarh, Orissa (Worly Technology) Vedanta Resources 1000 (in 2011, the capacity is projected to increase to 1400)
Muri Alumina Hindalco, INDAL, (United Nations 2000) 120
Mettur Alumina, Tamil Nadu Sterlite Industries, MALCO, (United Nations 2000) 100
Utkal Alumina Project, Kashipur, Orissa Hindalco 0
Renukoot Alumina, Uttar Pradesh (United Nations 2000), Hindalco 700

The Belgaum Plant of Hindalco is situated in the state of Karnataka. Other than producing alumina, it houses a state-of-the-art research hub. It started operating from 1969. The Muri Alumina Plant is the oldest alumina refinery in the country. It is located in Jharkhand and was set up in 1948.

The Damanjodi Plant of NALCO is situated in Koraput district, Orissa. Other than alumina producing, the Damanjodi Plant also carries out mining operations in Orissa.

The Mettur Plant is situated in the Mettur Dam Compound, Tamil Nadu. It is run by Madras Aluminum Company Limited (MALCO).

Besides the abovementioned alumina refineries, Belur in West Bengal, Taloja in Maharashtra, and Silvassa in Dadra and Nagar Haveli are notable alumina plants. The Taloja Plant is famous for its flat rolled products produced from alumina.

Aluminum extrusion plants in India

Aluminum extrusion is the method of making cross section articles. In addition, extruded metal is utilized to make different types of alloys.

Given below are the names of the major aluminum extrusion plants in India:

Hindalco Extrusion Plants

  • Renukoot - Uttar Pradesh
  • Alupuram
At present, Renukoot is the biggest extrusion plant of Hindalco or Hindustan Aluminum Company Limited. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh and started operating from 1962. Other than the extrusion plant, the site also houses an aluminum smelting plant. The Alupuram Plant lies in Kerala and it started functioning from 1943. The Renukoot Plant has a yearly refining capacity of 700,000 TPA and smelting capacity of 345,000 TPA.

Extrusion Plants of Bharat Aluminum Company

The Korba Extrusion Plant is located in the state of Chhattisgarh.

JAL (Jindal Aluminum Ltd)

Jindal Aluminum Ltd has an extrusion plant in Bangalore, which started operating in 1968.

Aluminum Foil Plants in India

Aluminum foil is the thin metallic sheet of aluminum which has a width of less than or equal to 0.2 mm. Nonetheless, majority of regularly used foils have a width of 0.006 mm. Given below are the names of the prominent aluminum foil plants in India:

Hindalco Foil Plants
  • Kollur - Andhra Pradesh
  • Silvassa - Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Kalwa - Maharashtra (Follows ERP-based material tracking system)
The Kalwa Plant is a foil and packaging plant. Other major Indian foil plants include the following:
  • Raviraj Foils Limited
  • India Foils Limited
  • Jagdish Aluminum Private Limited
  • Marudhar Industries Ltd
  • P G Foils Ltd
  • Gujarat Foils Ltd
  • AMCO India Ltd

List of FRP Plants in India

The following companies run FRP (flat rolled products) Plants in India:
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