Alwar Education

Alwar education offers the students with a comprehensive and cohesive knowledge on different fields of study. Alwar has several government and private schools, colleges and universities that have helped to build up the knowledge base of the local indigenous inhabitants of the city.

Education in Alwar has helped to raise the social standards of the local citizens of the place. Most of the uneducated masses of Alwar try to send their children to school so that they can lead a better lifestyle.

Alwar has 3,578 Primary and Middle Schools and 332 Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. There are 11 colleges, 1 Agricultural Research Institute, 1 Polytechnic College and 4 ITI in Alwar which offer world class education to its students.

The educational institutions of Alwar are supported by necessary infrastructural amenities for proper development of mental faculties of the local inhabitants of Alwar. The educational institutions of Alwar have produced several luminaries who have contributed to the economic and social well being of the city.

Education has received special attention in the recent years. With the establishment of numerous schools, colleges and universities, the local inhabitants have become conscious of the necessity of education in the modern era.

The educational institutions of Alwar supports highly qualified and experienced teachers from different branches of Arts, Science and Commerce that provide the students with comprehensive knowledge on all the topics. The well stocked libraries of Alwar offer the interested students to gain deeper insight into a particular topic and enhance the knowledge skills.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011