Assam Food

Food of Assam , as of any other place, is largely influenced by its climate, soil and vegetation. This north-eastern state of India is mainly of agrarian nature. Rice is the staple diet and the common people of Assam eat it everyday. Along with rice, fish curry is very common. Other dishes include those made of lentils, vegetables, meat and some sweet dishes. The people of Assam prefer to eat non - spicy foods. Spices like cumin, coriander, mustard, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, panch foran, cardamom and some ingredients that are found in Assam only are generally used.

Traditionally, Assamese food is cooked in earthen ware. This method imparts a smell from the utensils to the food itself giving it a distinct flavor. Vegetables in sour soup are common. The Assamese have a typical habit of using all the leftover vegetables together to eat it next day with Assam slices, green chilies and mustard. This gives a variety of taste at one go and is also very appetizing. Different types of herbs are also used sparingly in the cuisine of Assam giving it a characteristic aroma of its own.

Thirty-nine herbal recipes prevalent among the different tribal groups of Assam have been identified that are medicinal for the protection of liver. These are slowly gaining recognition among the urban world for its immense benefits. Sweets from Assam are mainly made from rice paste. This paste is used in various consistencies and shapes and is even mixed with additional ingredients to make the variation. A typical food of Assam may be reserved only for a certain festival or occasion and such foods have made themselves an inevitable part in the particular celebration.

Last Updated on 10 January 2011



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