Language in Assam

Assamese and Bodo are the official languages in Assam , whereas in some of the districts in the Barak Valley, Bengali enjoys the official status. Majority of people in Assam speak Assamese. The language spoken is actually called Asamiya and the word 'Assamese' is an anglicized form of it. Assamese belong to the family of Indo-Aryan language. It gradually evolved from the Sanskrit language about the 7th century AD. Assamese literature is recognized as one of the richest in India. The Indian constitution has declared Assamese among the major languages of Republic of India.

In ancient kingdoms of Ahom, Kamrupa, Koch, Kamatapur, Cuteeya, Borahi, and Kachari, Assamese was the language spoken by the common people of various origins like Khasi, Magadhan Prakrit, Bodo, and Sanskrit. Bodo is a very old language of the state and has given rise to most of modern languages and dialects spoken in Assam and the neighboring areas. Presently Bodo language is spoken mainly in the Lower Assam areas mostly in the areas, which belong to the Bodo Territorial Council.

The other languages in Assam are the native languages like, Dimaca, Mishing, Karbi, Rabha, Tiwa, etc. These native languages are of Tibeto-Burman origin and are directly connected to Bodo. The small ethnic groups in various parts of Assam speak languages such as Tai-Phake, Tai-Aiton, Tai-Khamti, etc which have originated from Tai-group of languages of Southern China and South East Asia. In various parts of Assam languages namely Manipuri, Khasi, Garo, Hmar, Kuki, etc are also spoken.

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