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Manas also referred as Manas National Park is located at Eastern Himalayas' foothills, which further stretches to Bhutan. On October 1, 1928, Manas was made to be known as a sanctuary, and in December 1985, was given the designation of site for World Heritage. The sanctuary's rare wildlife and scenic beauty attracts a large number of visitors to this world heritage site.

This park is surrounded by three ranges. To the west is Panbari, the centre is near Barpeta Road at Bansbari, and to the east near Pathsala at Bhuiyapara. These ranges do not have a proper connection. One needs to cross the major two rivers from the middle to Panbari. Rough trail on Daimari road connects the centre to east. Most travellers spend time inside the Bansbari range's forest on river Manas at Mathanguri and Bhutan border.

Manas has dense forest. The main river Manas is Brahmaputra River's major tributary. This river flows through park's west and divides in two different rivers- Bholkaduba and Beki. The national park has Manas and other five small rivers which lie below outer Himalaya's foothills. This river works as an international border for Bhutan and India. The area of the park is 950 kilometre and is located above the sea level at an elevation of 61 metres to 110 metres.

The government looks into building tourism zones that will give the visitors exposure to different protected area. Regulations will be placed for the visitor for their own as well as the areas benefit. The tourism activities would limit to a few areas of the Bansbari Range.

One of the tourism zones would be at Mathanguri, which gives a clear view to the Indo-Bhutan border with River Manas alongside. One can get cottages with upper and lower bungalows or dormitory for a stay there. The upper bungalow has a capacity of six suites for tourists, whereas, the dormitory and lower bungalow needs renovation. For Mathanguri sanctity, picnic spot at Bispani will be soon made ready. Visitors can visit this place only in day. Another path in a circular form ins being made for tourists to enjoy the jungle at Bispani halting spot.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Manas is from October to April or even more preferable from mid-January to April. The temperature can drop to about 15 degree Celsius and raise the maximum to about 37 degree Celsius. From the month of May to September, the place witnesses heavy rainfall. The average rainfall in this place is about 333 cm annually.

Places to see in and around Manas

  • Burma Monsoon Forests- It lies on Indo-Malayan and Indo-Gangetic borders and belongs to the Brahmaputra Valley's Biogeographic Province. This area has one of the world's richest biodiversity. The northern part has light semi-evergreen alluvial forest of the sub-Himalayas. The East Himalaya can see a mix of dry and moist deciduous forests which is the most common tree type. The Assam Valley's alluvial semi-evergreen grasslands and low Savanna alluvial woodland cover about 50% of the national park.

  • Flora and Fauna- The park has about 543 species of plants. This place is also known for the Rhinos and Project Tigers. This sanctuary has a wide wildlife variety like Capped Langur and Golden Langur apart from a variety of such endangered and rare wildlife which are not found anywhere in this world including Assam Roofed Turtle and Hispid Hare. This Park has over 450 bird species. This place also has one of the most endangered birds Bengal Florican.

  • Assam State Museum

  • Dewathang

  • Gandhi Mandap

  • Guwahati Planetorium

  • Orang Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Uma Nanda Mandir

How to Reach Manas

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is in Guwahati called as the LGB International Airport, which is the best option for people travelling by air. The international destinations Bangkok is also connected to this airport. Apart from that, many important cities in India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Flights to LGB International Airport operate from various airports like Shillong, Tawang, and Itanagar to Guwahati. One can hire taxis from the airport that cost about Rs 7 per kilometre for a regular sedan. This is one of the best preferred options after your long journey.

Nearest Railway Station

The closest railway station from Manas is at Barpeta Road, which is at a distance of about 44 kilometres from the national park. The ticket charge to Barpeta Road from Guwahati is in the range of Rs 120 to Rs 140 for a berth of second class sleeper. One can get taxis from the station too.


One might not get many shopping items in this area, but can enjoy their holiday with many adventurous activities.

Last Updated on : 16/10/2013