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Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2008

1HachhekLALRINMAWIA RALTEIndian National Congress
2DampaLALROBIAKAIndian National Congress
3MamitJOHN ROTLUANGLIANAIndian National Congress
4TuirialHMINGDAILOVA KHIANGTEIndian National Congress
5KolasibP.C. ZORAMSANGLIANAIndian National Congress
6SerluiK. LALRINTHANGAIndian National Congress
7TuivawlR.L.PIANMAWIAIndian National Congress
8ChalfilhCHAWNGTINTHANGAIndian National Congress
9TawiR.LALZIRLIANAIndian National Congress
10Aizawl North-IR.ROMAWIAIndian National Congress
11Aizawl North-IIH.LIANSAILOVAIndian National Congress
12Aizawl North-IIILAL THANZARAIndian National Congress
13Aizawl East-IR.LALRINAWMAIndian National Congress
14Aizawl East-IILALSAWTAIndian National Congress
15Aizawl West-ILALDUHAWMAZoram Nationalist Party
16Aizawl West-IIBRIG. T. SAILOMizoram People's Conference
17Aizawl West-IIIR.SELTHUAMAIndian National Congress
18Aizawl South-IK.LIANTLINGAZoram Nationalist Party
19Aizawl South-IILT.COL. ZOSANGZUALAIndian National Congress
21LengtengH.ROHLUNAIndian National Congress
22TuichangLALRINLIANA SAILOIndian National Congress
23Champhai NorthT.T.ZOTHANSANGAIndian National Congress
24Champhai SouthJH.ROTHUAMAIndian National Congress
25East TuipuiB.LALTHLENGLIANAMizo National Front
26SerchhipLALTHANHAWLAIndian National Congress
27TuikumK. LIANZUALAIndian National Congress
28HrangturzoLALTHANSANGAMizoram People's Conference
29South TuipuiLALTHANHAWLAIndian National Congress
30Lunglei NorthPC LALTHANLIANAIndian National Congress
31Lunglei EastJOSEPH LALHIMPUIAIndian National Congress
32Lunglei WestDR. R. LALTHANGLIANAMizo National Front
33Lunglei SouthS. LALDINGLIANAIndian National Congress
34ThorangZODINTLUANGAIndian National Congress
35West TuipuiNIHAR KANTI CHAKMAIndian National Congress
36TuichawngNIRUPAM CHAKMAIndian National Congress
37Lawngtlai WestC. RAMHLUNAMizo National Front
38Lawngtlai EastH. ZOTHANGLIANAIndian National Congress
39SaihaS. HIATOIndian National Congress
40PalakP.P. THAWLAMaraland Democratic Front

Mizoram Assembly Polls 2008(Results)
03 32 05

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