Bijapur Tourism

Bijapur is a large district in Karnataka state. Bijapur Tourism has thrived in the past years because of its historical, cultural and architectural attractions. Islamic architecture is the main look out for every tourist visiting Bijapur.

The location of Bijapur is in the northwest part of the state of Karnataka state and at an approximate distance of 613 km from Bangalore city. Gol Gumbaz is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Bijapur the second largest dome in the world. 44 meters in diameter, this dome creates a sensitive echo-chamber. The mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II - Ibrahim Roza is one of the finest mosques in India. Malik-e-Maidan is the largest medieval shank in the world measuring 14 feet long and weighing about 55 tons. Arakilla, the Mehtar Mahal, the Anand Mahal, the Bara Kaman, the Gagan Mahal, the Chota Asar, the Amin Durgah, the Assar Mahal and many more.

Accommodation in Bijapur is best in Hotel Mayura Adhil Shahi, Hotel Samrat, Hotel Godavari, Hotel Madhuvan International and Hotel Sanman. The unique cuisine of South India and homely accommodation make the holidays even more enjoyable. The historical, cultural and architectural charm of the place have made Bijapur Tourism a significant industry in South India.

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Last Updated on 07 August 2012