Bijapur - Aihole

Bijapur - Aihole is one of the most interesting excursions from Bijapur. Aihole is popularly known as the `Cradle of Indian Temple Architecture', as it has more than125 temples. This town brings before us the days of foregone era. The town is adorned by innumerable richly carved temples belonging to the Chalukya rulers that date back to 6th and 8th century.

It is very easy to reach Aihole as the temple town is 129 km from Bijapur. The nearest railway station from Aihole is at Begalkot, from where one can get regular trains to the nearby towns and cities of Karnataka. The network of roads is very well developed and the town is connected by road to Bangalore, Badami and Pattadakal.

The oldest temple in Aihole is the Lad Khan temple that was built during the 5th Century. Another temple the Durga (Fort) Temple is noted for its exceptional architecture such as its apse in the shape of a semi-circule, a raised plinth and the gallery that surrounds the sanctum. The Hutchimalli Temple has a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu sitting on a large cobra. The Revalphadi Cave was built in honor of Lord Shiva and is known for the exquisite delicate details.

Some of the other temples that must not be missed are the Konthi Temple Complex (Kwanthi Gudi), the Uma Maheswari Temple with a wonderfully carved Brahma placed on a lotus flower, the pure Jain Meguti Temple and many more. Apart from the magnificent Hindu temples, there is the two storied Buddhist Temple adding to the beauty of Aihole.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012