Asar Mahal, Bijapur

Asar Mahal, Bijapur is one of prime Bijapur attractions. Asar Mahal was built by Muhammad Shah in 1646. Asar Mahal was formerly build as the Hall of Justice but later became a sacred sanctuary housing some hairs from the beard of the Prophet.

Asar Mahal is famous for containing the relics of Prophet Mohammed. This mansion houses landscape paintings and designs on the walls and also along the ceilings of the hall. Women visitors are not allowed inside. At the time when Mohammed Adil Shah build this architectural monument, it used to serve as a Hall of Justice. The architectural excellence of the Islamic culture in Bijapur is well observed in this instance.

The rooms on the upper story are decorated with frescoes. The entrance of the Mahal is adorned with a large square tank and three more tanks. The largest one is 15 feet deep while the other two are comparatively smaller in size as well as in depth. Every year the Urs festival is held at this place. Behind this Mahal, still remains the relics of the earlier citadel and the old mosque. There are several precious stones with inscriptions within this Mahal. The site is under maintenance of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Asar Mahal, Bijapur is a spectacular site with an open portico in the eastern side supported by four wooden pillars facing an artificial lake.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012