Bijapur - Malik-e-Maidan

Bijapur - Malik-e-Maidan is one of the exciting excursions from the city of Bijapur. While visiting the historical city of Bijapur, one should never miss the trip to Malik-e-Maidan (The Monarch of the Plains). It is actually a canon that is considered to be the largest medieval cannon in the world. It is positioned on the city walls and an important place to visit in Bijapur.

Malik-e-Maidan is a huge canon that weighs 55 tons and is 4 m long, 1.5 m in diameter. In the 17th century this canon was brought back from Ahmadnagar as a trophy of war and was carried by 400 oxen, 10 elephants and tens of men. It was then placed on the Sherza Burj (Lion Gate) on a platform that was especially constructed for it. The nozzle of the cannon is built in the shape of a head of a lion.

Malik-e-Maidan is one of the biggest surviving cannon in the world that is made from bell-metal. To avoid the thunderous sound of the explosion after lighting the cannon, the gunner would go underwater in a tank of water. The cannon is known for certain unique characteristics like it remains cool even when it is exposed in strong sunlight and makes sound like a bell when tapped.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012