Bijapur Pattadakal

Bijapur Pattadakl Tour is a wonderful experience ad should not be missed by the tourists visiting Bijapur in Karnataka. A number of tours from Bijapur have been arranged for the visitors.

Bijapur Pattadakal Tour

Pattadakal from Bijapur is located at a distance of 134 kilometers and is a famous world heritage center. Bijapur can be easily reached by road from Bijapur. It is also easy to reach Pattadakal from Bijapur by private cars. Private cars,taxis and auto rickshaws are available for the tourists. It is best to visit the place in winter as the weather is very pleasant in this season.

Pattadakal is a famous tourist spot and the most recommended excursion from Bijapur. The small town boasts of beautiful 8th century tempels.The temples are the evidences of Chalukyan architecture. The kadasiddeshyara ,Galaganatha and Jambulinga temples are examples of the typical North Indian style of temple architecture. The temples feature curved towers,ribbed finials and shaped motifs. The Sangameshwara Temple is an example of The South Indian style of architecture and pyramidal tower and doomed roof are its special features. Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna Temples are twin temples and they resemble the Chalukya temple architecture. The temples attract tourist for their carved pillars and decorated ceilings

Pattadakal Accommodation

Pattadakal is a very small town and so accommodation options are very few. But there are very good accommodations in Badami and Aihole.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012