Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)

About Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

The date of 24th January of the year 1976 is marked as the taking over of the companies of the famous Burmah Shell Group by the Indian Government. Thus, the Bharat Refineries Limited was formed, which was later renamed as the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (B. P. C. L.) on 1st August of 1977. During that time, this company was the 1st oil refinery to process the newly found Bombay High in India. This organization's core strength lies in the dedication towards the search of qualitative excellence so as to maximize customer satisfaction. Besides that, their planned approach, skilled research as well as technological edge made them grow all through these years so as to establish a global presence.

Products and services of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Starting from petrochemicals to specialty lubricants, this company has got a diverse product range. Apart from marketing those products through their extended network of kerosene dealers, L. P. G. distributors, Lube shops, petrol stations, they even supply their aircraft fuel solvents to many national as well as international airlines. The different products and services of this public sector company are as follows:

Products of B. P. C. L.

  1. Auto L. P. G. (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Fuel
  2. Automotive Engine Oils
  3. Bharatgas (L. P. G.)
  4. Bharat Metal Cutting Gas
  5. Bitumen (Bulk and Packed)
  6. C. N. G. (Compressed Natural Gas)
  7. Furnace Oil
  8. Gear Oil
  9. Grease
  10. Hexane
  11. H. S. D. (High Speed Diesel)
  12. L. D. O. (Light Diesel Oil)
  13. L. N. G. (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  14. MAK Lubricants
  15. Marine Fuels
  16. Mineral Turpentine
  17. Petrol (Motor Spirit)
  18. P. N. G. (Piped Natural Gas)
  19. S. B. P. S. (Special Boiling Point Spirits)
  20. Specialty Oil
  21. Sulphur
  22. Toluene
  23. Transmission oil

Services of B. P. C. L.

  1. Aviation Fuelling Stations
  2. Ghar (One Stop Truck cum Tourist Shop)
  3. In and Out Convenience Stores
  4. Online Ordering
  5. P. F. S. (Pure For Sure)
  6. Petro Card
  7. Vehicle Care (V - Care) Centres

Investors of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Following are the investors or bankers of this global oil marketing company in India:

  1. A. B. N. (Algemene Bank Nederland) Amro (Amsterdamsche – Rotterdamsche) Bank, N. V.
  2. B. N. P. Paribas
  3. Bank of India
  4. Calyon Bank
  5. Corporation Bank
  6. Central Bank of India
  7. Deutsche Bank
  8. I. C. I. C. I. (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Bank Limited
  9. H. D. F. C. (Housing Development Finance Corporation) Bank Limited
  10. Indian Bank
  11. State Bank of India (S. B. I.)
  12. I. D. B. I. (Industrial Development Bank of India) Limited
  13. State Bank of Patiala
  14. Standard Chartered Bank
  15. State Bank of Travancore
  16. Union Bank of India (U. B. I.)

Role of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited in Indian Economy

Being one of the leading oil refining, marketing as well as distributing public sector companies of the country that has even got international trading services, B. P. C. L. has earned revenue of US $ 34.10 billion in the year 2011, which in turn has resulted in the economic status of the nation. As per a report, the company had a total number of 14, 654 during that same year.

Contribution of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited to G. D. P. (Gross Domestic Product)

Post worldwide economic meltdown in the financial year 2009 – 2010, the country's G. D. P. shown a growth of around 8.6 % during the financial year 2010 – 2011. Presently, the Ministry of Petroleum of the Government of India is encouraging foreign investment, including gas pipelines as well as increasing the energy security of the nation. Apart from that a huge amount of petroleum products are exported to the foreign countries. All these contribute to the Indian G. D. P. Latest Financial Status of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

The following table provides the basic financial report of this company as per the un-audited provisional financial report, which was prepared after the completion of the quarter that ended on 30th September, 2011:

Sl. No. Particulars As on 30th September, 2011
1 Total Sales from Operation INR. 4, 443, 153 lakhs
2 Total Expenditure INR. 4, 545, 670 lakhs
3 Net Profit or (Loss) INR. (3, 22, 927) lakhs

Latest achievements of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Since its year of establishment, this petroleum refining company in India has achieved many awards and recognitions. Names of some of the latest ones are mentioned below:

  1. A. B. C. I. (Association of Business Communicators of India) Award in 2010
  2. Ranked 1st in the category of "Best Display in Raw Space" of the Petrotech Awards, 2010
  3. India eGov 2.0 Awards, 2010 for Editors' Choice's 'Most User Friendly Website'
  4. Green Business Leaders Award, 2009 - 2010
  5. C. S. R. Award
  6. Ranked 289th in the Fortune Global 500 list of companies during 2008 – 2009
  7. Marketing Company of the Year Award, 2009

Contact Details of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

The postal address of the head quarter of B. P. C. L. and its contact telephone number are given below:

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Bharat Bhavan, 4 and 6, Currimbhoy Road,
Ballard Estate, Mumbai - 400 001, Maharashtra,
Tel.: + 91 – 022 – 2271 3000/ 4000
Official website:

Last Updated on 2/23/2012



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