Shopping in Bundi

Shopping in Bundi can be a wonderful experience for the tourists who prefer to buy goods like miniature paintings and exquisite cotton carpets. Tourists can also purchase some beautiful collections of traditional Kota sarees from this colorful town in Rajasthan.

Shopping Items in Bundi

Every year a large number of tourists come to Bundi, who prefer to shop items including wooden toys, stone statues, lac bangles, exquisitely designed shawls (odhnis) and a wide collection of miniatures. Bundi is famous specifically for cotton carpets that are intricately designed.

The carpets are available in a large number of shops in the main bazaar of Bundi. Some of the shops in the market are very old that date back to the 17th century. This beautiful city of Bundi is also famous for its unique paintings, particularly miniature paintings that are marked by green tint. The miniature paintings in Bundi are extremely popular because of their aesthtic appeal.

Some of the other special items to shop in Bundi include wood carved items, metal wares, hand painted items, silver jewelry and murals.

Markets in Bundi

The best way to shop in Bundi is through renowned market places. Some of the major shopping markets in Bundi include Sadar Bazaar, Ragesthan, and Chaumaukh Bazaar.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012