Bundi is situated in the Hadoti region in the state of Rajasthan . The city is known particularly for its several architectural gems. Bundi houses many ornate forts, flamboyant palaces, and step well reservoirs which are known as baoris. Bundi over the years has developed as a major tourist destination in Rajasthan.

Tourist attractions in Bundi:

Taragarh Fort:

Bundi is known for its collection of historic forts. Taragarh fort is among the biggest forts in the country whose origin dates back to the 16th century. The fort is constructed on the peek of a hill that overlooks the entire city. The Taragarh Fort is famous for its intricate designs and an exclusive painting gallery. The gallery houses a fine collection of mural painting.

Bundi Palace

Bundi Palace is also an important tourist spot in the city. It is situated just opposite to the Taragarh Fort. The Palace is known for its traditional architecture and paintings. The palace houses a massive gallery known as The Chitrashala (picture gallery) which is home to a unique collection of paintings.

Rani Jiki Barol:

This is one of the 32 stepwells which were built by the Queen of Bundi in 1699. This is the most beautiful stepwell which manifests the fusion of Hindu and Jain architectures.

The Nawal Sagar

The Nawal Sagar is another place of interest in Bundi. Nawal Sagar is a large artificial square-shaped lake placed in the centre of the city. The lake has a temple in the middle that is half submerged in water. Most of the tourists visit this place in the evenings to witness it tranquil beauty.


This is a wonderful gallery which houses a rare collection of miniature murals. Vivid and colorful paintings on the walls beautify this gallery.

Eighty Four:

This is a gigantic monument that has 84 pillars. This structure is also home to a huge Shivlingam.

Dabhai Kund:

Dabhai Kund is also known as the jail kund. It is the largest step well in Bundi. The step well is noted for its elaborate carvings on the many steps that lead down to the water level.

How to reach Bundi

Before you are traveling to Bundi you need to know the easiest way to get access to this beautiful town. Although the nearest airport is at Jaipur, it is advised to avail the train and come to Kota. The central hub of Bundi is around 35 km from Kota railway station. The town has a developed network of road transport. The roads are well-connected with the cities like, Jaipur, Ajmer and Kota. Government buses frequently ply to and from Delhi.

To move around the town the most common form of local transport is auto rickshaw.

Dining and Accommodation in Bundi

When it comes to staying in Bundi you can choose from 3 heritage hotels and a single budget hotel. For a luxurious living you can always count on Haveli Braj Bhushanjee, Hotel Ishwari Niwas Palace and Hotel Royal Retreat. You can also put up at Hotel Vrindawati, a well-maintained budget hotel offering the value for your money. Hadee Rani is another quality hotel which also offers you good dining option. There are numerous eateries in Bundi where you get native and international delicacies.

To make your tour to Bundi a memorable experience, make sure that you do not miss the scope of participating in these festivals and visit the attractions in the town. Bundi Tours offer you a fine concoction of desert life and a glimpse of colorful culture.

Last Updated on 09 September 2011