Kajli Teej

Kajli Teej is one of the major festivals in Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated in different parts of Rajasthan with a touch that is unique to a particular district. The Kajli Teej in Bundi is celebrated on the 3rd day of the Indian month of Bhadra. The Indian date approximates the Gregorian month of August.

The Procession

The start of Kajli Teej approximates the start of the monsoons in Bundi. The Hindu festival lasts for two days. Kajli Teej involves a decorated palanquin carrying the representative figure of the Hindu Goddess Teej. A procession trails the Goddess. The procession sees participation from the people of the Bundi localities through which it passes. Specially made sweetmeats are distributed. The Kajli Teej procession incorporates a parade of brightly dressed people, musical bands, splendidly decorated elephants and camels.

Cultural Importance

The Kajli Teej festival enables the local Bundi artists to showcase their art. The artists of the Hadoti region exhibit their considerable artistic talents at the Rajasthani festival. The Kajli Teej celebrations continue up to Janmasthami.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012