Excursions from Bundi

The excursions from Bundi make a delightful addition to the standard Bundi tours. The Bundi excursions enable the visitor to understand the rich cultural and architectural history of the region.


The list of excursions from Bundi include visiting neighboring places like Ramgarh, Kota, Jhalawar, and Bijolia. The attractions of these places lie in their man-made architecture. The innate craft and skill of Rajasthani craftsmen are prominent in the numerous forts and palaces of the surrounding region.


Kota offers a superb mix of ancient Rajasthani culture and modern technological achievements. The Raj Mahal has its walls decorated with gold stained glass work. The ceilings are embellished with silver mirror work. Stunning wall paintings are also found. The nuclear power plant and hydro power plant form one of the more modern attractions in Kota.

Ramgarh and Bijolia

Ramgarh is one of the more popular excursions from Bundi. It was built by the Poddars. The great number of havelis, temples, and chattris act as tangible proof of Poddar wealth and patronage. Murals depicting scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana adorn the interiors. The attraction of Bijolia lies in its temples.


Visitors with an interest in natural attractions may visit Jhalawar. The place is located on the Malwa Plateau. The rocky landscape presents an undeniable attraction. The towering forts and thick forestland presents a stunning backdrop.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012