Bundi Shopping

Bundi tour is always incomplete without a visit to its shopping centers. Bundi shopping is noted for the handicrafts available in the region. The Main bazaar Bundi is known for its excellent collection of locally made carpets. Ladies may also consider buying the beautifully crafted Kota sarees available in the Bundi shopping areas.

Pudding in the Shopping

The charm of Bundi shopping lies in the shopping expedition itself. The traditional Indian bazaars with their quaint shops and narrow lanes are a far cry from the glitzy and soulless shopping malls of urban India. The shops are manned by shopkeepers who sell lovingly crafted local products. Shoppers may pick up a myriad range of goods that range from metal wares, odhnis or long scarf to jewelry. Murals are also sold.

Main Bazaar

Main bazaar is noted for its Kota paintings and carpets made from cotton. Wooden toys and stone statue art are also sold. Women may purchase Kota doria sarees and lac bangles from Main bazaar.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012