Census of India 2001

The census is a useful tool to assess the changing patterns in various spheres in life of people of the country. The citizens of a country are asked questions about their jobs, income, family members and other important things which help the government to assess accurately the population of a country along with other things like Sex Ratio, Literacy rate and a lot more.

Census 2001 India

The 2001 census was fourteenth in the line of census in India. The population of India in 2001 was 1027,015,247 comprising of 531,277,078 males and 495,738,169 females. Uttar Pradesh was the most populous state in the country even in 2001 with 16.17 percent of India's population followed by Maharashtra (9.42 percent) and Bihar (8.07 percent). Mizoram had least number of people. There were only 55,539 people residing in the city in 2001. The density of population in India as per the census 2001 was 324 per sq km.

Female Sex Ratio

The sex ratio according to 2001 census was even less. There were only 933 females per 1000 males. While Kerala had the highest sex ratio of 1058, the lowest sex ratio was found in Haryana which was as low as 861 females per thousand males. The literacy rate in India was 65.38 percent. The percentage of males in the total literacy rate was 75.85 % whereas it was 54.16% for the females. Kerala had the highest literacy rate of 90.92 percent even then whereas Bihar was the state with the least number of literates. It only had 47.53 per cent literates.

Last Updated on : 26 August 2011