Cuttack Education

Cuttack education underwent a great change after the British occupied the city. The missionaries were the first to establish schools within the city. The first schools of Cuttack were set up in 1838; whereas, the first Government English school of the city was opened in 1841. This school progressed as High English School of Cuttack till 1865, when the city was struck by the great famine. After the famine, T E Ravenshaw took initiative to convert the school into a college. The school achieved the status of a college in 1868.

Furthermore, after the establishment of Cuttack General Hospital in 1874, Orissa Medical School was opened in 1875. In 1923, two new educational institutes were established in the city. Among the two colleges opened in 1923 were, Cuttack Training College and the School of Engineering. Cuttack Training College was established for the training of school teachers in Cuttack. The school of Engineering was formed out of Old Survey School, which was separated from Ravenshaw College in the year 1915.

Cuttack Engineering and Management Institutes

Cuttack Engineering and Management Institutes also form an important part of the education system of the city. Some of the engineering and management institutes of Cuttack that deserve special mention in this context are Ajay Binay Institute of Technology, Global Institute of Management, Institute of Management and Information Technology and Institute of Professional Studies and Research.

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Last Updated on 30 August 2012