Cuttack Temples

The temples of Cuttack are a significant part of the tourism of the place as many people from different parts of the country of India visit Cuttack to see the temples that are located here. Two very well known temples of Cuttack are, the Temple of Cuttack Chandi and the Paramhansnath Temple.

The Temple of Cuttack Chandi is meant for the worship of Goddess Chandi, the presiding goddess. This temple is one of the most significant pilgrim attractions in the city. It is situated towards the south of the Barabati region. Many pilgrims come to visit this temple everyday. During the Hindu festivals, this temple is thronged with innumerable devotees.

The Paramhansnath Temple is another commonly visited temples in Cuttack. This temple was established to pay homage to Lord Shiva. Paramhansnath Temple has become famous for its big water hole. It is called the 'Ananta Garva'. On special occasions, water from this hole is let out into the Sanctum Sanctorum, which causes it to flood.

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Last Updated on 30 August 2012