Daman and Diu Information

Daman and Diu Information includes a list of the important hospitals, diagnostic centers and blood banks. Information about Daman and Diu also includes the pin codes and details of the police station, post offices and miscellaneous public services in the territory.

Information about Daman and Diu helps the residents to live peacefully within the territory. It helps them to reach out for help at times of emergency. It also helps the tourists to tour across the territory with complete ease. The information about Daman and Diu enable of the tourists to know more about the territory.

Daman and Diu information features the details of the jobs and lifestyle of Jalandhar. It helps the tourists to learn more about the socio-cultural pattern of the Union Territory. The details about jobs in Daman and Diu enables the people of the territory to keep a watch of the career prospects within the territory.

Hospitals in Daman and a Diu

Daman and Diu ambulance forms an inevitable part of the health sector of the Union Territory of India. The ambulance in Daman and Diu helps the patients to avail the emergency services offered by the hospitals and nursing at times of emergency. Daman and Diu ambulance provide a twenty four hours service to the patients. The patients can call the numbers at any time of the day and avail the emergency services extended by the hospitals. Several private and government hospitals at Daman and Diu also extend free ambulance services to the patients.

The telephone number of the ambulance services at Daman and Diu are:
  • Ambulance - 2230470
  • Director of Medical and Health - 2230470, 2254371

Electricity Offices in Daman and a Diu

The phone numbers of various offices of Daman & Diu Electricity should be kept handy in case of any electricity disruption or any other urgent situation. The phone numbers of the engineering divisions of the electricity department of Daman and Diu can be dialed to get assistance. The emergency phone numbers of the area's electricity department are a part of vital Daman and Diu information.

The following contact numbers will help in times of any electricity problem in Daman and Diu;
  • Executive Engineer - 0260 2254745
  • Assistant Engineers - 0260 2255103

Fire Departments in Daman and a Diu

A resident of the area must be aware of the emergency numbers of Daman & Diu Fire service to save vital time during any break out of fire. One of the major Daman & Diu information, address and contact number of fire department of Daman and Diu should be kept as the ready reckoner.

The people of Daman and Diu can dial the following number in case of any inferno:

Fire Officer - 0260 2242666,0260 2250729,0260 2255030 .

Post Offices in Daman and a Diu

There are two Daman & Diu Post Offices in the whole area. These post offices keep the postal service of the region in smooth running condition. Post offices in Daman and Diu collect, sort and deliver letters, money orders, book posts and all other types of postal correspondences.

The post offices in Daman and Diu are located in Moti and Nani areas. There phone numbers are given below:

Moti Post Office - 0260 2230453
Nani Post Office - 0260 2254353

There are plans to open more post offices to make the postal service in Daman and Diu more efficient.

Police in Daman and a Diu

Daman and Diu Police helps the residents of the Union Territory of live peacefully. The police of Daman and Diu looks after the law and order of the territory.It also monitors the anti-social activities taking place in Daman and Diu.


Administrator - 2230700, 2230770 Planning And Statistics - 2230619 National Informatic Center ( System Analyst) - 2230985 Finance Secretary - 2230473 Dev. Commissioner - 2230726, 2230550

  • Collectorate:
    • Collector - 2230698, 2230607
    • Deputy Collector - 2230689
  • Public Representatives:
    • Member Of Parliament (D and D) - 2230888, 999
    • Chief Executive Officer - 2250859, 2250973
  • Municipality:
    • President DMC - 2230666
    • Chief Officer, DMC - 2230879, 2230474
  • Other Offices:
    • Accounts Director - 2230826
    • Project Director - 2230973
    • Animal H & V.S.O - 2230470
    • Social Welfare Officer - 2230854
    • Block Dev. Officer - 2230869
    • District Panchayat CEO - 2250859
    • Fisheries(Superintendent) - 2255166
    • Agriculture - 2230856
    • Director Health - 2230470, 2230847
    • Post Office - 2254353
    • Tourism (Assistant Director) - 2255104
    • Sales Tax Officer - 2230349
    • Transport (Assistant Director) - 2255140
    • Architect Planner - 2230873

    One can contact the aforesaid telephone numbers of Daman and Diu and get necessary information about them.

    Last Updated on: 3rd April 2013