People, Culture and Festivals

Daman and Diu- people, culture, festivals and fairs is an important part of the social life of the union territory. The socio-cultural life of Daman and Diu has a multi-faceted character as this region used to be a Portuguese colony at one point of time.

The cultural life of Daman and Diu represents a blend of European, tribal and Indian elements. The festivals and fairs of the region are celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Music and dance are integral parts of the socio-cultural life of Daman and Diu.

The people of Daman and Diu are mostly Hindu by religion, though there are also some Christians and Muslims in the region. The prominent language that is in use in the territory is Gujarati. The rate of urbanization is quite high in this part of India in comparison to the entire country. The majority of the social customs and rituals are Related to the Hindu religion.

The people belonging to Daman and Diu take part in a number of well known festivals. Two major festivals of the place are Garba Festival and Folk Dance Festival. The young generation of the region participate in the Garba Festival. They dance wearing gorgeous dresses.

The Folk Dance Festival is a very significant part of the cultural life of Daman and Diu. The dance forms associated with the Folk Dance Festival in Daman and Diu are Mando Dance, Verdigao Dance and Vira Dance. People of all age-groups take part in the Folk Dance Festival.

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2013