Gwalior Handicraft

Gwalior handicraft presents an awe-inspiring array of colorful and creative products. From leather products and carpets to papier mache items, the handicraft of Gwalior offers a number of diversified articles. The papier mache art of Gwalior is quite famous. The colorful dolls of papier mache are found in almost every corner of Gwalior.

The leather shoes, bags and other accessories of Gwalior are also a part of the district's handicraft industry. Known for long-lasting quality and innovative designs the leather works of Gwalior have a huge national market.

Gwalior carpets are famous for rich colors and textures. The silk, artificial silk and woolen carpets are a perfect manifestation of the enigmatic Gwalior culture. These carpets woven by the local weavers of Gwalior are also a subject of attraction for the foreign tourists.

Being masters of various types of handicraft skills, the craftsmen of Gwalior deftly manufacture a range of innovative products. A prominent district of Madhya Pradesh , Gwalior bears the rich imprint of various cultural traits. The handicraft industry of Gwalior is one such flourishing sector which is contributing significantly towards the enrichment of the cultural heritage of the district.

The handicrafts items produced by the artisans of Gwalior have a veritable local and national market. Also, some of the exquisite articles of handicraft industry in Gwalior are exported to other countries. This itself shows the huge popularity of the handicrafts of Gwalior.

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Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012