Gwalior Geography

In order to gather an all encompassing understanding about the Gwalior city, it is essential to know in detail the Gwalior Geography. Gwalior is located at 26.22° North Latitude and 78.18° East Longitude, in the state of Madhya Pradesh .

The average elevation of the land of Gwalior is about 197 meters above the sea level. Spread over an area of 5214.00 sq km, in the Chambal river valley, the city of Gwalior is landlocked on all sides.

The climate of Gwalior is an integral part of the geography of Gwalior. Marked by scorching summers, the temperature during the summer months goes on ascending and reaches upto a high of 47° centigrade. The winter months on the other hand are chilling and the temperature varies from 1� centigrade to 3° centigrade. The region experiences rainfall only in the monsoon months.

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Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012