Banks in Haridwar

The banks of Haridwar are some of the country's leading financial institutions that provide a wide array of banking options and financial advice. The banks reflect the infrastructure of Haridwar and sanction loans, provide facilities for personal banking, internet and phone banking and also offer a variety of accounts that the customer can avail. The banks of Haridwar also provides users with the option of choosing from a multitude of investment options that range from fixed deposits, mutual funds and DMAT accounts for share trading.

The major banks that dot the landscape of Haridwar include:

  • State Bank of India, S.N. Nagar
  • Central Bank of India, Railway Road
  • Bank of Baroda, Upper Road.
  • Punjab National Bank, Upper Road
  • Canara Bank, Railway Road

    Punjab National Bank is one of the country's principal banks that provide corporate and personal banking as well as agriculture, industrial, trade as well as international banking and has a large Indian as well as international clientele.

    Previously known as Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund, the Canara Bank, one of the first banks to obtain ISO certification, provides myriad services that include Anywhere Banking, Networked ATMs, Telebanking, Internet and Mobile Banking, Debit Card as well as Remote Access Terminals.

    State Bank of India has been one of the forerunners of the Indian banking sector ever since the year 1973. The bank not only provides financial solutions but is also involved in a variety of social and welfare activities.

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    Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012