Travel Agency in Haridwar

Travel agency in Haridwar is a flourishing business in the field of tourism industry of the place. The numerous travel agencies of Haridwar provide the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the religious city with much ease and at reasonable cost. Most of the tourists prefer the expert guidance of the tour operators of Haridwar for a comfortable and enjoyable trip of the sacred land.

Endowed with a rich religious ancestry and natural splendor, Haridwar tour fascinates the tourists with beautiful places. The travel agencies of Haridwar offer the interested tourists with all kinds of authentic information on various places of tourist interests in and around the city. Some of the prominent travel agencies of Haridwar are:

  • Arora Travel Agency- Situated in the main market of Haridwar, Arora Travel Agency is known for its well planned tours and outstanding customer service.
  • Pooja Tour and Travels- Located in D-78 Kalkaji area of Haridwar, Pooja Tour and Travels conducts regular trips to the various places of sightseeing.

    Offered at affordable prices, the travel agencies of the place provide the tourists with several unique tour packages of Haridwar. The travel agencies also organize regular sightseeing tours of Haridwar. The tourists can pay the entire amount either at the beginning of the tour or pay in installments as per their convenience. Once paid, the tourists can relax and enjoy their trips, while the onus of booking hotels, arranging conveyance and food lies on the tour operators.

    The well planned and time bound tours conducted by the travel agents of Haridwar allow the tourists to comfortably enjoy their holidays.

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    Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012