Imphal Shopping

This capital city of Manipur is bestowed with great shopping facilities, which makes Imphal shopping a beautiful experience even for the tourists visiting the city from far and wide. Shopping in Imphal mainly includes buying local handicraft goods. Shopping at Imphal is best for clothes and accessories, which include jewelry and shoes primarily.

The main shopping center of Imphal is the market of Khwairamband, which is run by more than 3,000 tribal women. In one section of the market, there are shawls, textiles and fabrics, including the "phanek´┐Ż, which is the traditional dress of the "Meitei" tribe of Manipur. In the other section there are household items like decorative and other such products.

Outside this market, Imphal shopping is all the more interesting with smaller shops selling cane and wicker products like decorative ivory, paper mache, dolls and jewelry, which attract the tourists. Bargaining in the stores of Imphal is a common phenomenon while shopping. However, there are few fixed price shops that sell handloom and handicrafts at Paona Bazaar and GM Hall.

Last Updated on 19th Oct 2012