Imphal - Economy

The Imphal - economy is highly depended on the household industries of Imphal. The tourism industry of the area also contributes a lot to the economy of Imphal.

Blessed with favorable climate and soil, Imphal is one of the agriculturally productive areas of North East Indiaand of Manipur too. Apart from agriculture, the electronic industry forms an important part of the Imphal economy. Some of the industries in and around Imphal are:

  • Manipur Pulp Allied
  • Manipur Electronics Development Corporation
  • Manipur Spinning Mills Corporation

    Tourism is one of the main sources of economy of Imphal. Imphal has no dearth of tourist attractions and places of interest. The city's rich culture and tradition is reflected in its colorful festivals that draw huge number of tourists. Thousands of tourists visit the city every year generating a considerable amount of revenue.

    Introduction of new industries like information technology and manufacturing units has created new job opportunities. The markets of Imphal are another steady revenue generator. The city takes pride in its unique Khwairamband Market, exclusively run by around 3000 tribal women.

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    Last Updated on 19th Oct 2012