Tours from Imphal

Tour from Imphal will provide an opportunity to explore the enchanting tourist sites near this beautiful capital city. The biggest fresh water lake of North Eastern India is located near Imphal in Manipur.

Imphal sightseeing tours takes every traveler to some of the beautiful destinations around this city. Some of these places are listed below:

  • Singda, Imphal: It is situated 16 km from the main city. The main attraction of this place is the Singda Dam, an artificial lake. It can also be a good spot for picnic.

  • Kaina, Imphal: It is a religious site of Imphal that attracts many travelers each year.

  • Andro, Imphal: This village is situated 27 km away from the main city. It houses a Cultural complex.

    Some of the other ancient villages of Imphal are Moirang, Sekta and Phubala. These villages include some of the other major attractions like the Indian National Army Museum of Moirang and the beautiful resort of Phubala.

    The best time for tours from Imphal is between October and February when the temperature is ideal for traveling.

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    Tours from Imphal offers an exhilarating journey for travelers from all over the country and of the world.

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    Last Updated on 19th Oct 2012