Geography of Indore

Geography of Indore encompasses all the necessary information on Indore's topography, climatic conditions and seasonal changes.

Indore is the most important business center of central India and is hailed as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

The city of Indore covers an area of 214 square kilometers and is situated at 75 o 48' East longitude and 22o 48' North latitude. The city is perched at an average height of 550 meters above the sea level. The city experiences continental climate.

Indore is a landlocked city, hence the temperatures during the summer time is very high. The temperature during the summer season varies between 35o Celsius to 40o Celsius while in winter the mercury level reaches as low as 2o Celsius.

During the rainy season, which starts from July and extends till September, the city experiences an average rainfall from the southwest monsoon winds.

Indore is located at the southern fringes of the Malwa Plateau and due to this location the city experiences cool breeze during the evening. This breeze is also known as the Shab-e-Malwa, which provides relief to the people from the scorching sun.

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