About Jabalpur

Tourists must be well informed about Jabalpur in order to make their trip a memorable experience. Jabalpur is a city situated in the 'Mahakaushal' region in the central part of India. Located on Varanasi-Nagpur NH-7, it is known for its cultural heritage. Jabalpur is also renowned for its pictorial beauty and natural resources.

Jabalpur is one of the largest cities situated in Madhya Pradesh. The topography of the city features a number of hills that adds to the beauty of Jabalpur. The city has a temperate climate with an average temperature of 47 C during the summer months. The temperature of Jabalpur falls below freezing point in winters. The region witness monsoon between July and September. The best time to visit the city is between October and March.

Furthermore, Jabalpur is known to house a number of tourist attractions that attracts many tourists from the different parts of the world. Some of the important tourist destinations in Jabalpur are:
  • Rani Durgavati Museum - Rani Durgavati Museum is one of the popular tourist sites that attracts tourists from the different parts of the world. It is located in the southern part of the bazaar near the tempo stand.

  • Madan Mahal - Madan Mahal is a Gond fortress, which is located on the rocky hill. It was built in 1116. The fort offers a panoramic view of the entire city.

  • Kanha National Park - Situated in the south-eastern part of Jabalpur, Kanha National Park is known for leopards and tigers. The national park also houses a number of other animals such as gaur, chital, sambhar and barasingha. It is also a famous spot for bird watching in Jabalpur.
Given below are some of the important facts about Jabalpur:
  • Latitude - 2310' North
  • Longitude - 7959' East
  • Population - 10.65 lakhs.
  • Climate - Temperate.
  • Main Language - Hindi.
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Last Updated on 30th Nov 2012