Jabalpur Climate

Jabalpur climate is temperate, but hot. The maximum temperature in the city during summer is about 38° C; whereas, the minimum temperature recorded is 8° C. In fact, the best time to visit Jabalpur is between October and April During these months, tourists can enjoy their stay at the city.

Moreover, the average temperature of the city during the summer months is about 47° C. The temperature of Jabalpur falls below freezing point in winters. Furthermore, the city witnesses monsoon between July and September months. Monsoon arrives in the city towards the beginning of July. During these months, the city experiences a heavy rainfall. However, it is the best time to visit the city, as Jabalpur climate becomes very pleasant during this period. It is during this time of the year that the city appears to be most vibrant and colorful. In fact, nature is at its best during the monsoon season of Jabalpur.

Last Updated on 30th Nov 2012