Jabalpur - Ghats Dla and Ramnagar

The Jabalpur - Ghats Dla and Ramnagar tour is one of the fascinating excursions from Jabalpur. Ghats, Dla and Ramnagar is included in one trip as the places fall in the same route. Dla or Mandla is 96 Kilometers away from Jabalpur.

The place is very famous for the 17th century fort built by the Gond emperors. The old fort is in dilapidated condition but the entire surrounding comprising jungle and hills presents an exceptional enchanting site.

Ramnagar is a 15 Kilometers journey from Mandla and it also houses a old palace. Situated beside the Narmada river, the palace is almost in ruins but the place is blessed with picturesque landscapes. The Ghats is another attraction of this trip. The 12 the century fort on top of the hill at the Ghats is one of the best tourist spots in and around Jabalpur.

Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012