Reach Jalandhar By Train

Tourists traveling to the city may reach Jalandhar by train which arrives and departs from the station that is situated in the city. The railway terminus is connected by trains to the different corners of the country, including the major metropolis and towns of India.

The railway terminus at Jalandhar falls in the Delhi-Amritsar Railway Line. This route is mostly traversed by passenger trains and express trains that connect the city to the important cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Jammu and Nagpur. The trains that run regularly from the city of Jalandhar are listed below:

  • Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi Express
  • Amritsar Howrah Mail
  • Amritsar New Delhi Express
  • Amritsar-Bilaspur Chhatisgarh Express
  • Pathankot Tatanagar Express
  • JammuTawi-Pune Jhelum Express
  • Amritsar Dehradun Pass
  • Amritsar Howrah Express
  • Jammu Tawi-Delhi Mail
  • Jat Adi Express
  • Nanded-Amritsar Sachkhand Express
  • Amritsar Jaipur Express
  • Amritsar Kir Express
  • Jalandhar City-New Delhi Express
  • Jammu Tawi-Pune Jhelum Express

  • Other than the express and the passenger trains, the city has regular local trains that arrive and depart from the railway terminus at Jalandhar. Some of the local trains of the city are listed below:
    • Hoshiarpur Pass from Jalandhar to Hoshiarpur
    • Pass from Jaijon to Jalandhar city
    • Pass from Ludhiana to Amritsar
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Amritsar
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Nokadar Junction
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Jaijon
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Hosiarpur
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Ferozpur
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Pathankot
    • DMU from Jalandhar to Ludhiana
    Travel to Jalandhar city becomes easier owing to the presence of the trains that travel from the different cities of the country to the city of Jalandhar.

    Distance to Jalandhar
    • From delhi - 364 KM
    • From amritsar - 83 KM
    • From chennai - 2458 KM
    • From bangalore - 2424 KM
    • From chandigarh - 134 KM
    • From jaipur - 622 KM
    Jalandhar Distance Chart

    Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012