Sakchi is one of the prominent regions of Jamshedpur city. With many market places and residential accommodations, Sakchi is a popular destination of Jamshedpur. The historical records of Jamshedpur state that Sakchi was the original name of Jamshedpur. However, in the year 1919, Sakchi city was converted to Jamshedpur to pay respect to the great Iron and Steel Visionary Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata.

Since Sakchi houses a large number of shopping complexes hence from dawn to dusk the place buzzes with all sections of people. From the local inhabitants to foreign tourists, the shops of Sakchi are full with all kinds of customers. From stationery items to fancy articles one can find each and every type of commodity in the shops of Sakchi area.

The positional coordinates of Sakchi comprises of latitude 22.8167 and longitude 86.2167. Being situated at an altitude of 406 feet above sea level, Sakchi is a place from where one can visit many other adjoining destinations. Places like Baram, Bara and Sonari can be easily reached through Sakchi.

There are several residential apartments that can be seen at Sakchi. Since Jamshedpur is a rich industrial city hence the place is also densely populated. In order to provide a well-balanced accommodation facility residential flats have been constructed in Sakchi of Jamshedpur.

Symbolizing a flourishing location of Jamshedpur, Sakchi stands tall on the map of this industrial city.

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013