Reach Junagadh by Road

There are various modes of conveyance that one can avail to reach Junagadh by road. Junagadh is a municipality in Gujarat. Buses connect Junagadh to various cities in Gujarat as well as the neighboring states.

There are regular buses to Rajkot and Sasan from Junagadh. The bus fare to the following places is approximately Rs 50 and Rs 20 respectively. The journey takes two hours to reach these places. Buses also ply regularly from Vereval, Una, Jamnagar and Ahmedabad. The approximate bus fares for a single trip to these places as well as the time taken are mentioned below:
  • Veraval - Rs 45 ( 3 Hours)
  • Una - Rs 65 ( 5 Hours)
  • Jamnagar - Rs 70 ( 4 Hours)
  • Ahmedabad - Rs 115 (8 Hours)
The offices of various private buses in Junagadh are on Dhal Road, near the rail tracks. One of the most popular bus agencies in Junagadh is Mahasagar Travels. One can avail the Mahasagar Travels bus service in order to reach Junagadh by road from Mumbai, Vadodara and Udaipur.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013