Travel to Junagadh

Travel to Junagadh involves visiting the various attractions located in this ancient city of Gujarat. The city, which is also the headquarters of its namesake district, is located at the base of the Girnar Hills. A visit to Junagadh will include a visit to some of the following tourist attractions that dot the city:
  • Ashok Shilalekh - This is an edict of Emperor Ashok inscribed on the surface of a rock, constructed as early as the 3rd century BC.

  • Sakkarbag Zoo - This zoo is the oldest in Gujarat and the third oldest in the country. The famous Gir lions preserved in this zoo are bred and supplied to other zoos.

  • Makabara - An excellent specimen of medieval structure, Makabara is a place where Nawabs were buried.

  • Jain Derasar - This is an excellent temple on the Girnar Hill, located at an elevation of 3100 feet.

  • Narsinh Mehta Choro - It is believed that Lord Krishna held a traditional Rasleela dance for his devotee Narsinh Mehta in this region. The tourist attraction is frequented by the devotees of Lord Krishna.

  • Upperkot Fort - A visit to Upperkot Fort is an important itinerary during the tour of Junagadh. The strategic location of the fort helped the fort in surviving over 16 sieges in a span of 1000 years.
The presence of rail and road transport allows easy and convenient travel to the city of Junagadh. Various trains are available from Junagadh that connects it to the cities of Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Veraval. Apart from the private bus agencies, the government also provides bus services, connecting Junagadh to other cities of the state. To reach Junagadh by air, the tourists will have to travel to the airports at Rajkot or Keshod.

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Last Updated on 06/06/2013