Foods of Kanyakumari

Foods of Kanyakumari reflect the taste and food culture of the people of Kanyakumari. Rice is said to be the basic food of the people, however, there are some people in the mountainous region who take Tapioca instead of rice. In those hilly areas, Tapioca is the main food.

In the district of Kanyakumari, there are many people who have a high liking for meat, fish and agro products. Sea fishes are very popular among the people of Kanyakumari. Fishes are mainly caught in the seas around the district at night or early morning. Thereafter the fishes reach the village and inner towns markets in the early morning.

The Foods of Kanyakumari are quite spicy, but the preparations always use less ingredients than the ones in other Tamil Nadu districts. In most of the dishes, people prefer extensive use of coconuts as a major ingredient and in their curries and food items the flavor of coconut can be felt.

Kanyakumari Recipes are highly delicious and any one tried them once will definitely like to have them again. The main ingredient of this mouthwatering dish is coconut.

There are many restaurants in Kanyakumari, most of which offer quality food to the natives as well as to the international tourists. In this context the Palace Hotel, centrally located in the town, deserves mention. It provides good meals at an affordable price range, whereas, Saravana offers quality vegetarian meals. There are many Kanyakumari restaurants that serve South Indian, Chinese, Gujarati and Rajasthani meals at lunchtime and offer good dosas.

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Last Updated on 08/17/2011