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Kozhikode Tourism

Away from the noisy, fast moving metropolitan cities, is one such place, in the form of Kozhikode, which is beautiful and a peaceful place to stay at. Travelling and exploring Kozhikode is amazing. It is would be like heaven to most of the nature lovers. Kozhikode is an exotic destination. Popular for the Indian spices, this city is a commercial hub for the export of spices in India. Kozhikode is also known by another name Calicut and is the third largest city in Kerala in terms of the area. This city lies in the Southern part of India.

Kozhikode is a small, beautiful and a serene place. This city serves as a relaxing holiday spot, where one can devote time to one own self, away from all the tensions and problem. Traveling Kozhikode is a mind wobbling experience; the environment is pure and refreshing.

This small and serene city of Kozhikode is quite rich and classy in terms of its history. From the very beginning the city has always attracted people for many reasons, first being its spices and second being cotton cloth. Ibn Battuat was among the first few who explored this small city for spices. According to him this was one place where they could find merchants from all other ports, as this was the hub for spices. Vasco Da Gama also visited this small city as the leader of a trade mission from Portugal, at the time when Kozhikode was under the control of Zamorin. Kozhikode has had many different rulers during the passage of time. Once it was under the control of Arabs and Portuguese. It was also a part of the British Empire and earlier was also a part of the colonial empires.

Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
State Kerala
Population (2011 census) 2,030,519
Area 128 sq km
Main Languages English and Malayalam
STD Code 91-0495
Elevation 1 m (3 ft)

Best time to visit Kozhikode

Though the climate of Kozhikode is amazing and refreshing through out the year, but the best time to visit Kozhikode is from September to May, during these months the weather is extremely favorable for the travelers to travel.

Kozhikode Travel Tips

Things to be taken care of while traveling in the Kozhikode
  • Sanitation is not a problem in Kozhikode; public toilets are easily available in the market areas at reasonable distances.
  • Food is easily available, traditional as well as all other types of cuisines are easily accessible.
  • One must always carry a water bottle in case of an emergency; otherwise sealed bottled water is easily available at any local shop.
  • One must carry some sort of identity proof all the time while they are traveling in Kozhikode, though there is no as such problem but just to be on a safer side.
  • Accommodation is never a problem in Kozhikode; hotels are easily available varying different ranges.
How to Reach Kozikhode

This city is connected to all the major states and towns in India. Kozhikode is very well connected through roadways, railways and airways, also there is one special transport that will soon be available to travel within the city and that is, monorail service.

By Air

Traveling by air adds convenience to one's traveling experience. Kozhikode's nearest airport is Calicut international airport. Flights are easily available from Kozhikode to all the major states. People do not mind spending a little more for the convenience they get through traveling by airways.

By Rail

Kozhikode is well connected to major cities in India like New Delhi, Mumbai and many such states. Frequent trains are available from the Kozhikode railway station. The nearest railway station Kozhikode railway station which is close to the main city area.

By Road

The transport infrastructure is quite developed; this small town is well versed with national highways. National Highway number 17, 212, 213 are all important highways that connect this small city to various metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. The journey through these highways is pleasurable and relaxing, as all the roads are in good condition, so this adds convenience to one's traveling experience.

Shopping in Kozikhode

Last Updated on : September 18, 2013