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Thrissur Tourism

Thrissur is an important city in Kerala. The city owes its name to Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of the city. In the political history of south India, Thrissur has played a key role many times. A number of dynasties, which had ruled sizeable portions of Kerala and south India, had their capital here.

Like many cities in southern India, Thrissur too has a fair share of temples (link to Tourist Attractions in Thrissur page) where myths and legends still linger.

Travel to Thrissur at the time of Thrissur Pooram (link to Tourist Attractions in Thrissur page) festival when numerous elephants from neighboring temple lead processions to Vadakkumnathan temple complex. Nightlong display of fireworks would leave you mesmerized.

A rich past has endowed with a glorious cultural heritage to the city. If you have a penchant for exotic culture and tradition of Malabar Coast, travel to Thrissur.

A travel to Thrissur would take you to the cultural capital of Kerala where you would find the age-old culture and tradition comes alive in its numerous colleges and institutes of paintings, dances and literature.

How to Reach Thrissur

Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala. Glorious history and cultural richness has endowed the region with a rare charm. In its elaborate traditional music and dances, spectacular festivals, the land embodies the very soul of Kerala.

'How to reach Thrissur' help you to reach the city by air, road or rail without any hassle. Following are the details.

By Air

The nearest airport is Nedumbassery, which is only 58 kms away from the town. Another major airport near Thrissur is Kochi. Several public and private airlines connect the place from important cities in Kerala and India.

By Train

Thrissur is an important railhead in southern India. Several important trains connect Thrissur with other places in Kerala and neighboring South Indian cities. Thrissur railway Station is one of the busiest railway stations in the state of Kerala.

By Road

National Highway 47 connects Thrissur to other important cities of Kerala and other important states of the country. An extensive road network links the city to many significant places in the Southern India.

Shopping in Thrissur

Thrissur is a major city in Kerala and often referred to as the cultural capital of the state. The rich tradition of art and crafts make for great shopping in Thrissur.

Silk weaving and jewelry making is a major traditional handicraft in Thrissur. The famous silk saris of Thrissur, made smooth silk threads and vibrant colors, are nearly a must buy for those who want to do some shopping in Thrissur. The city also has big shops for jewelry also.

Other traditional handicrafts of Kerala like coir products, coconut shell crafts, horn carvings, woodcarvings, brass works are also found in abundance in Thrissur. The ace craftsmen of the region make fantastic carpets, floor coverings and many other utility items and objets d'art from coconut fibers and coconut shells. Horn carving is also exquisite tradition in Kerala. You may choose to pick up these items while shopping in Thrissur.

Lastly, so not forget to take back Kathakali masks while shopping in Thrissur as souvenirs of your wonderful Kerala tour. There are many options for shopping in Thrissur. The state government rum emporia and private shops are galore in the city.

Places to Visit in Thrissur
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