What is the specialty of Khandala

Located on the Western Ghats in the Maharashtra state, this place is among one of the famous hill stations in the country of India. Known for its panoramic beauty, deep valleys, lush greenery, waterfalls and lakes, this hill station is often visited by people to enjoy natural beauty while on the lap of nature. Apart from health resorts, this place has even got some historic forts. This Sahyadri ranges' pride takes one far way from the city life.

Location of Khandala

Situated in the Sahyadri range of western Maharashtra, Khandala is 70km away from Pune. Its distance from Mumbai is100km.This hill resort is located at an elevation of 625 meter above sea level.

Best Time to Visit Khandala

Owing to the fact that this place receives heavy rainfall during monsoon season, the best period to visit Khandala is the months in between October and May.

How to get Khandala?

The place is mainly connected with rail and roadways. Lonavala Railway Station is the nearest one from this place of natural beauty. Almost each and every express train connecting the cities of Pune and Mumbai pass through this station. Apart from that, one can even get there by availing buses, taxis or own car via the Bangalore - Mumbai National Highway. However, there is no airport located in this hill station. If you are planning to visit this place by airways, then you have to get yourself a ticket till the Pune Airport from where you can travel there by rail or roadways.

Tourist Attractions in Khandala

The place is mostly visited by leisure travelers to enjoy the beauty of the environment in a peaceful atmosphere. However, there are some places to visit for people who are extensive travelers. Tourists, who love adventurous activities, can even trek on the hills in Khandala. Endowed with natural beauty, this hill station has got the following tourist attractions in and around Khandala:
rivardhan Fort
  • Tunga Fort
  • Tunguli Lake
  • Valvan Lake
  • Visapur Fort
  • Walvan Dam

  • Last Updated on 5/22/2013