Bhaja Caves

Bhaja caves is located in the city of Lonavala and is very close to the Malavali railway station. There are other tourist attractions around the Bhaja Caves. Bhaja Caves are popular for their excellent architecture. It is one of the most important tourist attractions located around the city of Khandala. Bhaja Caves have been built in the likeness of the Karla Caves. The most unique characteristic of the caves is that the beam of light of the setting sun enters the insides of the caves. On the southern region of the caves there are sculptures of human figures and deities. There are many mythological tales that revolves around these images and sculptures.

The Bhaja Caves are adorned with 18 temple caves, which are built in Hinayana style. The “stupas” and “viharas” inside the caves are adorned with intricate designs and paintings. The caves of Bhaja were built way back during the 2nd Century BC. The 12th and the largest Bhaja cave consists of a hall where prayers used to be conducted and this cave is known for its superb art and architecture. The sculptures that are crafted in the right side of the caves are starkly beautiful. There is also a sculpture of a dancing man and woman which is worth appreciating. There is a fountain stream flowing from the hills, which is located at the extreme right of the caves. Thousands of tourists coming from various parts of the country of India flock to this famous place of sightseeing every day. Bhaja Caves are known to be one of the most primitive caves of the country.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011